Saturday, September 5, 2009

Transforming With the Seasons

Are you a different person with each season?

My fun-loving, energetic, summer persona is giving way to my  calmer, creative and nurturing side. I am reluctant to give up the fun of summer, but find myself welcoming fall because I know I will pick up some of the things I have neglected.This happens to me with each season. Does it happen to everyone?

As soon as the weathers cools, I pull out my crocheting and writing from hiding.This year I pulled out my threads a little early. I work on crafts with the kids.I read about five times faster than the summer months. Instead of upbeat music I am searching for quieter softer tones. I am more content to stay at home, not giving way to  the pulling tide of summer, that lures me outside to absorb the sun.

I will miss the summer me. She is youthful and fun. I feel her stepping aside, making way for the more serious side of me.

I am curious... How does the weather affect you?


Ann said...

I've always been that way. Opting for more outdoor activities while the nice weather is here and going into hibernation once the snow starts to fly.