Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Successful Firsts

We may not all remember the first day we started kindergarten... I sure don't. 
BUT I am sure my mom does. 

There are certain milestones that carve themselves deep in our hearts and I know that this is one of them. Not just because this is the third time I have done this, but because my daughter surprised me. You see, my youngest daughter started kindergarten today. I have been worried for months because she is extremely shy. I don't mean she doesn't like to talk to strangers. I mean, she won't even talk to me around strangers. She kind of hums when there is anyone outside of the immediate family around. My son has figured it all out but I have yet to make sense of her sing-song language, (as wonderful as it is). I was afraid that she wouldn't talk in school... but she did. She knew she had too. She was proud and confident. I saw it in her eyes. As she answered her teacher, she looked at me and smiled. I will never forget that moment for as long as I live.

She needed to start school full time. I can see it now. She is coming out of her shell and stepped to the front of the line. She will do fine and someday I will share these memories with her.

It was a successful first day of school for Jasmine. It was a successful first for me as well. It was the first time I looked at my daughter and knew --without a doubt --that she is going to be fine!


Ann said...

aww, congrats mom she's growing up just fine.

Ann said...

oops forgot to mention. Sorry I didn't get to drop on you today. I go through my list in a hurry sometimes and there are soooo many blogs to choose from. I put you on my list of favorites though so I'll catch you from now on. Have a great day.

Ratty said...

As I read your story and found out how well your daughter did in school it made me smile.

I remember my first day of kindergarten. As soon as my mom left the room I began to cry, louder and louder. It effected the whole class. Soon other kids began to cry. It ended with all of the other children in the class crying loudly and out of control. I don't remember how or why we finally stopped, but I remember crying.