Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Sad Day

Waking up to the rain, was depressing after a wonderful long-awaited day of sunshine yesterday. But more than that some the most disturbing thing happened. My husband informed me that the robin's nest was invaded by a predator and all of the birds were devoured. Devastating! He cleaned up the remains so that the children would not find out. I will tell them that the babies are old enough to fly (I just won't tell them that they've flown off to the promise land)

As if that is not depressing enough, Our little friend is no longer tapping at our window. My husband power washed the house with a solution of bleach and water and apparently he doesn't like the smell. So... for all of you that are annoyed by the birds flying into your windows I guess we've found the cure. I, personally, liked his presence but I have seen articles of others who find it a nuisance.

I guess the rain is appropriate after all.