Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Robin's Gift of Life

As the days go by, rain or shine, our little friend continues his daring dash at the window-but that is not what I am here to write about today...

A few days ago, my husband found a robin's nest on the fence in our yard. There are three baby birds in it. Newborns, sitting there with their beaks upturned awaiting their mother's deliveries. They are only days old and every time I peek at them it's the same sight- yellow beaks open wide. Still and silent. Other than the faint shivering, you wouldn't know they were alive.

Their mother is never far from them- just go near the nest and you' ll realize that! She comes a squawking protecting her young if you get too close. She lands on the fence with her beak overflowing with food, looks around and then drops the food into the mouths of her babes.

Neither my husband, nor I had ever seen baby birds before. I feel blessed. It's like National Geographic--live. What a marvelous sight, nature at work.