Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Night to Remember

Most of us get caught up in our daily routines and forget to include fun in the mix. My family is no different. We have gotten so comfortable with our daily rituals that we forget to make memories. Last Friday night my husband and I were invited out dancing. We were reluctant to forfeit our Friday night routine. I do laundry after dinner and dishes and my husband mows the lawn and weed wacks. We water the outdoor plants and after about three hours of this, we may have time for a drink before bed.

After a little contemplating, we decided maybe we could use a night out. I am so happy that we did. It was just what we needed. Couples, especially those with children, have to make sure to nurture their relationships. Many marriages fail for the simple fact that they've grown apart, forgetting the energy they put into building the relationship.

My husband and I danced the night away at the Hi Hat in Providence, RI listening to a wonderful band called Chops Turner No Limit Band. They played a mix of top forty and R & B hits for all ages; everything from classics like Barry White and Al Green, to Amy Winehouse.

The HiHat is a great place for couples and singles alike to enjoy fine dining and dancing. The atmosphere was superb-low lighting, intimate round booths, and a generous dance floor. The prices are a little higher than your local bar or average restaurant, but the impeccable service and relaxed atmosphere make it well worth it. If you are over thirty looking for a  night out in the Providence area, I highly recommend the HiHat. Check out their  website for more info You will not be dissapointed.


Ann said...

sounds like you had a wonderful evening. we tend to get stuck in hum drum boring routines here but we manage to slip a little something in now and then